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Environment and Quality Policy

The Fukusuke Kiko Co., Ltd. group conducts corporate activities that integrate the environment and quality management system in order to provide environmentally friendly services.

  • 1. Become a valuable and needed group company in a changing future society.
  • 2. We constantly strive to improve customer satisfaction, provide high-quality services, and implement continuous improvements.
  • 3. In a carbon-free society, we will work on energy businesses that adapt to actual demand and aim to improve and protect the environment.

April, 2022
Fukusuke kiko Co.,Ltd.

company emblem

In the Fukusuke Kiko Group's corporate emblem, red is a color reminiscent of heat and life-related things such as fire, the sun, and blood that goes around the whole body, and represents energy and power.
Green is a color reminiscent of nature such as trees and grass, and represents the environment and eco.
In addition, the colors that exist in the natural world are familiar and reassuring, and since they are neutral colors, they are neutral and do not like conflict, expressing kindness and silence.
The design is such that the f of fukusuke is placed in the center of the two colors.