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  Engine Maintenance Group

Machinery and equipment, which play an important role in our lives, can pose a serious crisis and loss to society once they are shut down.

We the Engine Maintenance Group,strive to provide reliable services that meet the needs of our custmers based on technology and quality.



Main services that can be provided

1 Diesel engine equipment inspectuion / installation work repair           

Overhaul of diesel engine, which is the driving force of
each facility such as emergency power generation facility,
pumping station, drainage pump station, etc

2 Simple lifter installation work, maintenance work

Simple lifter installation work and maintenance
work for new installation and renewal

3 Maintenance and inspection of machinery                                        

Maintenance and inspection of machinery of used in various industries.            

Business performance           

We not only sell individual vproducts, but also utilize
the know-how gained through product creation in maintenance,
construction technology,and services in our systems to obtain
customer satisfaction and peace of mind. As an expert with complete
after-sales follow-up, we will respond in detail to your needs.  

☆Handling engine manufacturer 

・IHI Power Systems    


Maintenance flow


Inspection and maintenance work plan / Construction report

  【Inspection and maintenance work plan                                 【Construction report】