Global Sourcing Service


When trying to locate a new supplier outside the country, acceptable quality, timely delivery and best possible cost are the prerequisites of every purchaser. However, it is not easy to find out the right supplier who can satisfy such requirements. That's exactly where our global sourcing service comes in. Now that FSK's sourcing network covers China, South Korea and South-east Asian countries as well as Europe and North America. Further, we have considerable knowledge and experience in sourcing such items as various devices, plumbing material and parts, cast/forged parts and components for machinery, and pressure vessel and structures.

Minimizing the Risk Involved in Associating with Oversea Suppliers

Typical problems the most buyers run into are quality poorer than expected, delay in delivery and fluctuation of cost.
For example, foundry pieces or cast parts are indispensable for many industries and they will be. However, Japanese companies are forced to depend on the supplies from oversea due to the domestic situations, in other words, shortage of younger skilled workers and tough working environment. To address these situations, FSK has spent enormous effort to strengthen its suppliers network, especially in China.

Let's FSK's qualified team of specialists work on behalf of you. Our team consistently works through such burdens like process/quality control, supervising delivery schedule and negotiating cost.